Patient Testimonials

"When I reached my 30’s it seemed like I could not do any serious amount of running without having an injury. Plantar Fasciitis, "Runners Knee", and IT Band issues seemed to always appear whenever I wanted to train for any running race and I was extremely frustrated. I went to see Tyson and he immediately found the root cause of these injuries and gave me exercises to help me fix the problems I had been having. I noticed within a few weeks that I could push myself harder than I had been able to for several years. Within 6 months I ran a sub 90-minute half marathon and since then have pushed to running marathons and my first 50K race. This would not have been possible without Tyson's knowledge and support. I would recommend him to any athlete who wants to push their performance to a higher level."

Frank Reddick

"Tyson has been extremely effective in helping me with my hip issues, pre- and post- hip replacement surgery. Tyson is always on top of the latest physiotherapy techniques, taking courses on a regular basis and spending time with other experts, including in the athletic arena, to ensure that his patients are receiving the most up-to-date care. He is incredibly focused on prevention therapies, including proper body core balance; I wish I had had access to his knowledge before my hip troubles!
Tyson is attentive, providing exercise sheets that can be used at home; kind, enquiring and following up as to status; and considerate, ensuring that his patients are comfortable with the level and types of therapies. Tyson is very skilled with the IMS technique; he has been gentle and careful in introducing a very important acupuncture therapy which has reaped great rewards for me. I have also appreciated Tyson generously taking the time to explain the physiology of my hip issues, describing “causal or action-reaction” impacts and helping me better understand my medical issues and surgeon reports. He is very patient with my (many!) questions. I trust him completely and any patient would be well served to have Tyson as their physiotherapist!"

Leontine Atkins

"I met Tyson via a reference from a Colleague, in June 2011. At that time I had been getting treatments from a very good Physiotherapist but looked to meet Tyson to see if I could add additional stretches, exercises and methods of treatment to my chronic injuries that had plagued me. After a couple sessions, it was evident that Tyson was able to take me a step further in my healing and there was no looking back... As of today, Tyson has restored me to an excellent health condition where I am 95% to 100% effective. Meticulously following Tyson’s regimented plan for me I can say with confidence the following:

  • C2/C3 instability/injury: 100% resolved
  • Right ankle injury: 100% resolved
  • Left rotator cuff injury: 100% resolved
  • Right rotator cuff injury: 95% resolved
  • Upper back instability (due to poor posture): 100% resolved
  • Left forearm aggravation (since radius and ulna break back in 1997): 100% resolved
  • Lower back injury: 90% resolved (would be 100% if I stuck to my stretch and strengthen plan)
  • Right knee injury: 90% resolved (would be 100% if I stuck to my stretch and strengthen plan)

I can say, at age 47, I am inches away from landing a heelside frontside 540 on the wakeboard. I could never have got here without Tyson."

Swade Holowatuk

"I met Tyson approximately 4 1/2 years ago.  I am a 54-year-old woman with knee, IT Band, hip and neck issues.  Tyson uses a variety of techniques on me, including IMS needling, cupping and a number of exercises.  I was against the IMS treatment when Tyson first suggested it to me but when it was recommended to me by a sports injury doctor, I let Tyson work his magic on me. IMS has definitely had a huge impact on me.  Tyson always seems to be able to zero in on the underlying issues which has allowed me to avoid surgery of a bone spur in my hip which has developed due to a hip muscle and joint issue.  I was slowly losing all strength to continue water skiing, which is a sport that I have enjoyed doing since childhood. With Tyson’s help I am now able to water-ski every summer. Tyson has taught me how to listen to my body and I am no longer in chronic pain."

Cathy MacLeod

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